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My journey of learning to love myself and my life began in 2012 when an old soulmate came back into my life. His short-lived presence shattered life as I knew it and changed the entire trajectory of my life and my son's life for generations to come. Everyday, I thank God for that.

~Christina Renée Joubert

Hey guys,

Christina here. I teach people how to learn to love themselves and their lives from the people and circumstances that hurt them. I've built this website as one segment of my passion project work; you can find more of my work at Teaching the World to Love™.

Teaching people how to learn to love themselves and their lives is my purpose in life and it's my passion. It's why I wake each day and why I've gone through one struggle after another determined to figure it all out.

I am not some guru or some supernatural human being. I am a woman, a single mother, a homeschool teacher, and I just so happen to have been born with crazy-amazing spiritual gifts and the tenacity and grit to go through life bound and determined to figure out how to live a happy, well-rounded, love-and-joy-filled life. And I've succeeded at figuring it out and so now I teach others how they can do the same.

My journey of discovery and healing began in 2012 when an old soulmate came back into my life and everything I knew about myself and about my life changed, almost in an instant. This old soulmate started my journey to awakening and learning to love myself and my life. And, even though he didn't stay for long, the impression he left on me and my life can still be felt today; all the joy, all the tenderness, all the peace, and all the love I feel for each and every part of me, each and every experience (good and hard!), and each and every day are all because I awakened to the truth and the power of what's on tap for each of us ... when soulmates unite. 

And I promise, you can awaken to this power too. Stick with me; I've got you.

Deeply in love with love,

P.S. I'm just starting to venture out onto social media and I'm a little intimidated by it (I'm a huge introvert!) so any help you can offer ... even if it's just to "like" or "follow" me, I'd appreciate it. :) I can't promise I'll always be great at social media but I can promise that I'll always try. When Soulmates Unite® will go live on social media around January 1, 2021.

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