Soulmates & Purposeful Pain

Most people don't realize that our pain is purposeful and that our pain is also our superpower. And depending where you are on your spiritual journey, it is your soulmates who can carry the power to bring forth the most intense love and the most intense pain.

But, the pain doesn’t really have to hurt; it doesn’t have to be the kind of pain that keeps you stuck or blaming the other person or wrapped in feelings of shame, fear, and betrayal. It doesn’t have to be the kind of pain that creates wedges, walls, and barriers to intimacy. It can be the kind of pain that creates closeness, deeper intimacy, trust, and personal growth with each of you as individuals and as a part of a collective whole.

Truth is, pain and love coexist to heal us.

The pain works like a flashlight showing us the places we're wounded and the love works like a magnet -- constantly drawing us closer and closer to our opportunities for healing so that we can get closer to ourselves, closer to one another, and closer to true unconditional love.

But, because most people don’t recognize pain as being purposeful, most people give away the power of their pain by blaming other people, shaming other people, judging others, and/or condemning them for doing things that make them feel "blank".

As a result, most people struggle to heal and most soulmate relationships suffer unnecessarily.

It is in this most acute place of struggle that two people could grow together, not apart. It’s in this magical space in between -- where most people build walls and separation with their love -- that two people could build true intimacy, deep vulnerability, and powerful love.

In this video, I talk a bit about the power of our pain and how it is oftentimes those we love the most who have the greatest opportunity to trigger us in the places where we are carrying wounds -- wounds that are ready to be exposed -- wounds that are ready to heal.

I also give some tips and strategies for reducing some of the sting of triggering moments so that you can rise above the situation a bit and more clearly "see" what's happening (and perhaps not feel so wounded, so reactive, or so hurt) and not push away the love that's waiting for you to feel it.

As you go through your own soulmate journey, please remember that the soulmate relationship is a matter of the soul. And we must remember that our souls are here on earth to shed all the conditional ways of being that are in the way of pure, unconditional love. To get to unconditional love, we must be willing to face and see the conditional forms of love that we’ve picked up along the way. It is our soulmates who can show us and help us so much.

If you're struggling or looking for an opportunity to discuss or get direction based on your exact circumstances, please feel free to submit your situation here and I'll record you a free video response with my thoughts, feedback, and suggestions. I also invite you to attend some of our live events and/or check out some of our pre-recorded classes and/or read my book on soulmates.

As always, I hope this talk is helpful to you. If it is, please consider making a donation here and sharing this post with all the people you love and the people you know. xo

Deeply in love with love,

Christina Renée Joubert is founder and CEO of Teaching the World to Love; author of When Soulmates Unite – Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Can Hurt Us the Most; and a proud mommy to a beautiful little boy.

Christina has dedicated her life to making accessible to all people the knowledge, wisdom, tools, and strategies that can help them reframe their past, transform their present, and change the trajectory of their relationships and lives - now and for generations to come. Donation-based personal growth for all. #itstime

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