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When Soulmates Unite - Christina Renee J


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When Soulmates Unite - Christina Renee J

When Soulmates Unite is an honest, transparent narrative chronicling Christina Renee's emotional journey of learning to love herself through the power and significance of soulmates and the joy, pain, and opportunities for growth these relationships bring forth. Christina relives her story of being married with a newborn, having everything she'd dreamed of, yet feeling such a nagging sense of sadness and lack that she left her marriage in search of more.

With vulnerability and authenticity, Christina shares with readers her peaks and valleys of healing and empowerment. Through a series of soulmate relationships, hard conversations, life reflections, journaling, and quality "me time," she arises from the ashes of confusion, heartache, addiction, and fear to discover the true meaning of why soulmates come into our lives -- to open us to a more authentic experience and teach us how to love ourselves, stay connected to ourselves, and stay connected to love.

Readers will discover that the soulmate relationship is usually the most difficult and painful we'll ever experience. It's supposed to be. It can also be the most beautiful and uplifting, if we recognize the lessons our soulmates are here to bring forth.

If we allow them to, our soulmates can teach us how to:

  • Connect with our fears.

  • Accept and embrace the power of vulnerability.

  • Actively participate in self-love and self-care.

  • Find and step into the most authentic versions of ourselves and our lives.

  • Learn to stay connected to our pain and own the power of our pain.

  • Love ourselves and one another without conditions.

  • Stand, unapologetically, in our own beautiful, glorious, truth-filled light.

  • Live our purpose.

And they do this by shining a bright light on the areas within us that need to heal, likely pushing every button we have. Know that if the relationship is painful, hard, or if you're frightened, wherever you hurt the most or feel the most angst or fear is where you need to grow the most. The discomfort this person creates in you is all about you -- and it's a window into your opportunity to heal yourself.

When Soulmates Unite is not a typical "self-help" book in that there is very little instruction. Instead, Christina shares of her journey with a level of rawness and vulnerability that acts as a beacon of light, thereby lighting the way for others to explore their own journey, their own joy, their own pain and their own opportunities for healing and love.