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It's possible to learn to love yourself - and your life - from the people and circumstances that hurt you.

Giving people a safe place to hurt, grow, heal, and learn more about the soulmate kind of love.


Giving people the knowledge, wisdom, tools, and strategies required to learn, heal, grow, and evolve.


Giving people a safe place to come together to share, learn, heal, unfold.

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Join us for an upcoming event. All of our events are no cost and 100% donation-based to allow personal growth for all. #itstime

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Watch our pre-recorded, on-demand coaching sessions, trainings and classes, they're all about soulmates, healing, joy, and love.


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Tell us your story or where you're struggling/stuck and get a personalized coaching video or class in return.


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"It is love we are all here to experience. Love. Not Pain. Pain is just the indicator that there's love hiding nearby, ready and waiting to shine."

~Christina Renée Joubert, founder

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Donation-based personal growth for all. Pay what you want, pay what you can, or pay nothing at all. You deserve to learn to love yourself and your life.

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